The intense greens provided by nature have a relaxing effect on the body and the mind;
with every swing one alleviates life’s everyday stress.

It matters little if you are a beginner or professional golfer, these golf courses are among the most renown in Veneto..

An impressive 27 hole course Asolo Golf Club (18 holes Par 72 and 9 holes Par 36) designed by Don Harradine on an area of 60 hectares, offers everything golf enthusiasts could possibly desire. This beautiful property features wide fairways, fast greens and diversified holes.

Instead, well-manicured greens, woods, and a magnificent Alpine panorama, surround the highest golf course in Veneto, in the Cansiglio plateau. The climate at this altitude is always pleasant, offering cooler temperatures even during the most sweltering months. Golf Club Cansiglio (18 holes Par 71)

There is also the Golf Club Castel D’Aviano (18 holes Par 71), Golf Club Villa Condulmer (18 holes Par 71), Golf Club Ca’ Amata (9 holes Par 36)

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