Make use of your stay at Villa Abbazia,
dedicate time to shopping – the pastime most preferred by women!


Your shopping begins at Villa Abbazia, here at La Volta Boutique, our in-house boutique.

La Volta boutique adjacent to Hotel Villa Abbazia offers an ample selection of small antique objects – a primary passion of the owners – and a selection of replicated objects reproduced from originals used in hotel services. Many guests are so delighted with these objects that they want to take them home as useful souvenirs. Objects range from; sugar dispenser, ceramic teacups and teapot in floral design or white and blue typical of Spode chinaware, placeholders in the form of a dog or cat, Toucon decorated under-plates, rose or “jungle” leaf, but also, tablecloths and napkins from the Breakfast Room table settings.

In a small and cavernous space an atmosphere of cheerfulness reminiscence of another time, your eye gazes over the many surprises to be discovered!

We will provide our list of secret addresses for you to find stores or outlets with one-of a kind pieces, an occasion that will make your purchases unforgettable!

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Outside of Villa Abbazia Photogallery
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