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Aktivitäten in der Nähe der Villa Abbazia



Fischen (Forellen)



Mountainbike & Downhill





Discover more about the main activities!

The bicycle is a means by which you experience closeness to the landscape and nature. Choose how you’d like to enjoy an active vacation between vineyards, and sample tasting with our trekking or Downhill biking tour, descending from the top of the mountain to tour the towns around Follina.

A cycling excursion is the best way to discover the zone designated as the Prosecco vineyards. Asphalt and dirt track roads make it easier not only for the passionate cyclists but for all level of cyclists to tour the towns surrounding Folina, and to take pleasure in retracing the Claudia Augusta Altinate – one of the ancient roman road travelled by Roman legions. It extended from the Adriactic Sea to Germany, linking the Po Valley to southern Germany across the Alps.

The hotel will provide city bikes and a bicycle workshop dedicated to uncovering the “slow travel version” in the zone around the Altamarca vineyards of Treviso, takes time to admire and enjoy castles, monasteries, and Palladio’s villas. Hanging vines with bunches of grapes, their intoxicating fragrances and colors extend as far as the eye can see.

Giovanni, the owner of the house will gladly accompany you on the easy and more engaging roads like the five town route that includes; San Boldo, Forcelle Aurine, Cereda, and Croced’Aune – combined, total a difference in altitude of 2000 meters per 150 kilometers) or sign on for the tour del Cansiglio (120 km).

For those who love cycling on the road, this part of Italy is particularly adapted. Three important marathons are held yearly in this area; the pinarello, la sportful and the prosecco cycling classic.

For walking enthusiasts, there are plenty of trails scaled to accommodate various levels of experience and that can be explored independently or accompanied by a local guide who will point out the varied flora that characterizes the area. You can option to lunch in an inn or a shelter between the breath-taking views from the Venice lagoon to the Dolemites.

Trekking between valleys and mountains is one of the best ways to be in amidst nature. Walk and take in the fascinating panorama that changes with the seasons, regenerating the body and mind… In the valleys and mountains, alpine huts and shelters discover the slow travel version of the Venetian countryside.

After a long walk why not take a moment to relax and enjoy the numerous and exquisite specialties of local cuisine and refreshments in a cozy Alpine hut.

One of the best ways to experience the harmony in nature is on the back of a horse, a loyal and patient companion with whom to pass days in the open air to the discovery of new landscapes.

The Trevigiano Pre-alps, the Roman roads travelled 2000 years ago by the Roman centurions and the Prosecco hills are the route you will travel while saddled-up for a horseback excursion that will last several days and bring flash backs to the Western films of John Wayne.

Beginners can have their first experiences in the stable of our equitation school.

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